Calling all developers and students! We’d like to invite you to participate in the “Hackathon 2021 ”by information science engineering MITM in association with RVG Global ltd. hackathon will focus on create apps that enhance loan application for customers.


- All teams should have a team name, and be registered with Devpost.

- The Devpost team page listing should have the following:

* The development tools used to build the project

* SDKs used in the project.

* APIs used in the project.

* Any assets used in the project.

* Any libraries used in the project.

* Any components not created at the hackathon.

* A link to the team Github repository.

- All projects should be submitted to the hackathon GitHub account (TBA) before judging begins on Tuesday, July 20 at 12:00 pm. Failure to submit will result in disqualification. should commit regularly throughout the hackathon to the team repository. Team repositories that are committed in the entirety near the close of the hackathon, Tuesday, July 20 2021 will be examined and the team could be disqualified for a rules violation. A single GitHub commits made near the end of the hackathon will draw the suspicion that the work was not completed at the hackathon.

- All projects submissions will be randomly code-reviewed. Applications will be spot-checked by code reviewers. All the projects selected by the judges as finalists will be code reviewed to confirm that the code is original work created at the hackathon and all components and assets conform to the licenses allowed in these rules.

- When development ends at least each team will meet with the judging team for a brief review of their submission and to confirm that the team’s Devpost page has been correctly updated.

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Rajath V
RVG Global Ltd

Judging Criteria

  • UI Responsiveness
    The UI should be responsive for both web and mobile devices
  • API Integration
    Two API should be integrated
  • DB Integration
  • Session Management
  • Field Validations
  • Additional Features

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